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RutuChakra is a youth-led organization, founded by Sanjana Dixit in 2018, working to achieve menstrual equity and ensure that every menstruator is able to manage their menstruation with dignity by providing menstrual products to areas/ individuals in need, increasing access to education, and promoting an open conversation amongst all genders. 




RutuChakra's Pillars


Distributing a regular supply of menstrual products to areas and individuals in need

RutuChakra works with several individuals across India to ensure that they have a safe and hygienic period. As an environmentally conscious organization, we primarily distribute sustainable menstrual products

>Distributing products


Conducting workshops and regular follow up sessions in rural and urban areas

By ensuring access to information and normalizing the topic, RutuChakra starts a much-needed conversation surrounding periods and reproductive health. Through the regular follow up sessions, we initiate the process of changing mindsets by continuously reinforcing that menstruation is beautiful and empowering. In urban areas, this is also a call to action for individuals to recognize their role in the menstrual movement.



Promoting an open and inclusive conversation surrounding periods among all genders &

Calling on our representatives to implement  policies to achieve menstrual equity

RutuChakra stands for menstrual inclusivity recognizing that women, some trangender and non binary individuals undergo the process of menstruation. We also call on all non-menstruators to recognize their role in the menstrual movement and the power of their voice to make a change.

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