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Our Story

ThayiMane is a children's home that provides underprivileged children with a loving
environment to grow and mature. Sanjana had been to ThayiMane quite a few times earlier so she
was already familiar with the place and the organisation. In November, she celebrated her
birthday at ThayiMane  - an 'amazing' experience. While she was there some of her
interactions with the kids got her thinking about health and hygiene. She had similar
observations in other social organizations as well.

The main thing that came to her mind was the sanitation requirements of the girl.  Being a
girl, she felt this was something she could relate to. When she spoke to Mrs Pratibha Nathji,
Headmistress of ThayiMane school, she realized that while there are several people and
corporations who come forward to donate books, stationery, clothes, and other needs., there
are few donors for sanitary napkins and other health/hygiene related material. So the supply
was irregular. Moreover, the first priority of the organisation was to meet the basic
requirements such as food and education but health and hygiene is one area where
additional help was required. So, she decided to take this matter up.


Content Creation Manager


Archita Hothur intends on majoring in Computer Science and further go on to work in the field of AI. Helping others and bringing a smile on their face, gives her a sense of satisfaction. She has a knack for getting things done on time. She enjoys reading fiction, cooking/baking, working out, and watching reality TV.


Director of Technology


 Kaajal Gupta is a student at Carnegie Mellon University majoring in Computer Science. An avid developer, she has created several apps, including Liberate: My OCD Fighter and Help Me Out!. She loves musical theatre, fantasy games, and learning new things.

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