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Welcome to the RutuChakra family! We want you to be a part of the team that fits you best, so check out the descriptions of each of the teams below.

We are looking for the next generation of activists, innovators, leaders who want their voices heard and are ready/excited to tackle one of the world’s taboo topics - Periods. Being a #PeriodWarrior means leading the Menstrual Movement at the forefront, changing laws and policies, but most importantly, empowering millions of menstruators. It means fighting for menstruators across the globe who don’t have access to hygienic resources and are shackled by menstrual discrimination every day. Are you ready to make an Impact? Are you ready to create a new narrative? – Join our team now!

Note: The job positions are remotely based and are on a volunteer basis, and thus no monetary compensation will be provided.

Public Relations Officer

Rutuchakra is looking for a Public Relations Officer who loves networking, is proactive and has excellent interpersonal skills. The PRO plays a key role in the representation of Rutuchakra’s brand and identity, and is therefore an integral position in Rutuchakra. This role requires someone who can strategically assess deals and contracts, communicate with multiple stakeholders (media, company, governments, etc) to generate more opportunities, and effectively represent Rutuchakra’s Brand. This person should be hardworking and carry out their responsibilities with professional efficiency.

Director of Marketing

Rutuchakra is looking for a Director of Marketing who loves networking, staying organised, being creatcve and working with people. This role requires someone who can strategically assess and implement marketing techniques, lead multiple teams, understand the target audience and effectively represent Rutuchakra’s Brand. The DoM will oversee the working of the Department of Marketing which plays a crucial role in our outreach, branding, audience engagement and retention and awareness generation; making this a position of great importance in Rutuchakra.

App Development Manager

RutuChakra is looking for an App Development Manager who is hardworking, creative, organized and intuitive. This role will need someone who can lead the production of our flagship app, who has extensive experience with the development of apps on Android and iOS.They should be willing to work in teams and capable of directing and compiling the work of their team members. The ADM should be very familiar with Android Studio, XCode, or any other app development platform. We are looking for someone with a systematic mindset and a dynamic workflow who can help bring to life bold and exciting ideas.

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