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Our society today has many names- modern, forward, the most common being Developed. But what is it in our society that makes us ‘developed’? The number of high rise buildings? The efficient transport system? All this is just minor. What really makes our society developed is education- flooding into cities and the lives of many. 

We claim that our population is educated, but little do we know that inspite of this, there is a large gap between the educated and the illiterate. Apart from the class system, this gap exists between men and women. This gap has caused a decrease in opportunities for many women in our country, both from rural and urban backgrounds.

So now, the real question arises- why should we only educate our men? Women are known to be the epitome of strength and courage, but why not knowledge? Don’t us women have the right to read textbooks and learn new concepts? Don’t we have the right to be called developed, educated? 

This gap needs to be filled, our women need to be educated. While men and boys are sent to school to learn, girls are made to cook, sweep, take care of children. We have the right to be called the Breadwinners of the family. It's time we exercise it. Education is what makes an individual unique and different. Women are gifted with so many wonderful things, and education must be one of them! Together, lets bridge the gap between this inequality and climb the ladder of success, maybe to its highest limits.

~Archita Hothur

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