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Who is a woman?

Is she just a wife

One who provides life?

Or a mere observer 

Who sustains everyone forever?

Woman are bold 

They protect men from the cold 

By tending to the flames 

While men play their games

But is this all they are?

Made to watch from afar?

When a girl is born

She is scoffed upon

When a boy is born 

He is smiled upon 

Finally a real heir to the family

Who can extend the family tree!

Women are bound by rules

Like they're a set of fools 

They're thrust in a cage 

Until they're of age

To be married off to a stranger 

Who adds to the family name!

They aren't sent to schools

But they're considered fools

They're apparently a waste of money 

The clothes they wear are "funny"

But they don't understand that

No matter what clothes we wear

It doesn't allow them to stare!

If women wear something revealing 

Men see it as appealing 

They see it as an excuse to rape 

What are we supposed to do?

Cover ourselves with a cape?

Let us make something clear 

Women are not objects 

Women are not playthings

Women are not fools

We are women, we are strong,

We are bold, we are fire 

Don't anger us in any way

Unless you want to be thrown away

You may dance around the flames

But we are the flames.

We keep the earth warm

We give the earth a form

We're much more than you think

We can prove it before you blink.


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