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That Woman There

That woman there is crying, bleeding 

And you just stand there seeing

Every tear drop from her eyes

And believe that every one of them is a lie.

That woman there is talking 

But you don't bother listening 

Why would you? She's only a woman 

By her, nothing right can be done.

Or at least that's what you believe 

For you don't allow her to grieve 

To her work she is bound 

Cooking and dusting with nary a sound. 

That woman there is more than a vessel

Whose main purpose is to bear your children 

Given an opportunity, she could earn, she could write

To society, she would be a light. 

That woman there is your wife 

You swore to protect her with your life 

But a coward is what you are 

You want to keep her caged in a jar! 

That woman there can produce life 

And you think that she brings you strife?

She may be weaker than you physically 

But she is stronger mentally.

I don't think you have any right 

To tell her what to say, what to write

She has a voice 

And she can make her own choices.

That woman there is kind and brave 

She is smart, she has grace 

And if only you would give her an opportunity 

To prove her worth to society.

Treat her as an equal

Don't bend her to your will

Because despite what people might say 

A woman is brilliant and capable, at the end of the day.

~Pooja Ravi

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