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The Pink Tax

Sexism exists in all aspects of the world. From salaries to viewerships, teaching to learning, it affects everything. But one thing it has not affected is commercial goods. Right? No. Brands use these set of perpetrated stereotypes to earn some green bills. It has been seen ( due to beauty first mindsets for girls) that personal care products for women are costlier than for men by 11%. This 'pink tax’ is purportedly to provide in more feminine colours. For a haircut, women worldwide pay on average of $35 and men, $22. This is in consideration of the fact that men with the same volume of hair pay much lesser. Sports! The hotbed of biases has a line deep to the grassroots. Sporting equipment for girls (bikes, safety pads, helmets) cost more than for boys. Supply and demand? Maybe. Sexism? To the root. This must be changed, one at a time. Let us not shackle women in pink chains but free them to the light of an egalitarian world.

~Aryan Dixit 

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