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Volunteers Experiences

When Sanjana told me about her initiative and plans, I knew I wanted to contribute. But very honestly, I had no idea just how fulfilling an experience it would be. While I have visited orphanages and old age homes before, I had never had the kind of direct and open interactions that I had during this workshop. It made me realize just how much I owe to the society and how much more I can commit to it. A really one-of-a-kind experience that gave me a very special and satisfying kind of happiness that nothing else can match. -Ila Manish (Grade 10)

The workshop held at ThayiMane was very similar to all the AEP sessions we have at school. But here, when we spoke to the girls, we realized how important this session was and how important it was to spread awareness. This workshop, I believe was really helpful to the girls and the donations really benefit them. But the best reward we could ever get was their smiling faces as they bid us adieu telling us to come again. It was really fun spending time with these children who even without having all the luxuries, lived life to the fullest. -Chinmayi Nayak (Grade 10)

Great initiative Sanjana! I think it’s great that you held this awareness campaign about health education for the underprivileged girls of ThayiMane trust. Certainly an eye opener for me too and surely touched by those bright smiles and greetings while we were there. Keep it up

-Tarini Jhamb (Grade 8)

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