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WOMEN IN LEADERSHIP - The Alarming Truth about the Gender Gap in the Indian Workforce

Despite several attempts to increase gender parity in the employment sector, the numbers reveal the bitter truth about our female labour force. Women still do not occupy top leadership positions. Only 17 of our Fortune 500 companies have female CEOs. 

A study by the University at Buffalo - School of Management shows that increasing gender diversity in leadership is possible only by removing the implicit bias in both men and women. Women must be encouraged to voice their opinions boldly. This is possible only in the right kind of work environment. Hostile work environments, negative stereotypes about working women as well as blatant sex discrimination keep women out of top positions. Bridging this gap is thus, about consciously trying to promote an equitable workplace culture, with flexible and fair policies.

Gender equality also suppresses the promotion of stereotypical gender roles - women will be given the freedom to become primary income earners, and men will not  be held back from becoming caregivers and nurturers for their families. Thus, society and economy will progress faster if this gender gap is closed.

~Ila Manish

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